Sunday, February 3, 2013


I am interested in filling an existing need.

Only a little over one percent of the population is allergic to nuts. Around 1% of the population have been diagnosed with Celiac Disease. Additionally, there are people who don't have an official diagnosis (like me), people who are gluten sensitive and people who go gluten free because they equate it with other trendy diets like vegan and vegetarian. There are also women who breastfeed a baby who can't eat gluten, thus they can not eat it.

Doing an internship with someone who can't eat nuts, I excitedly told him of a nut free kosher bakery that I knew of. He responded that almost every bakery is nut free. I guess that since nuts aren't as integral an ingredient in baking, it's not that difficult for bakeries to be fully nut free.

As I mentioned, I am gluten free. There aren't so many options for me. I  have already looked around for a bakery that would sell fresh-baked gluten free baked goods in Queens. I also wanted them to be kosher, non-dairy. The options weren't good. There are commercial/packaged goods. There are also a few places offering freshly baked goods, but those bakeries also produce regular gluten containing goods in the same kitchen. Flour is one of those things that gets into the air, so even if they use a separate preparation area and utensils, items baked in a shared facility are not truly gluten free.

If I hadn't needed kosher goods, I could have ordered them from one of three gluten free bakeries in Manhattan. While I get into the city often enough, what if someone from Queens doesn't? Well, they can either take a separate trip for it or pay the delivery fee for the ONE place that delivers to Queens-$35.

So, I am available to make gluten free baked goods for the central Queens area. The delivery fee is going to be between free and $15 depending on the size of the order and how convenient it is for me. If you live in: Forest Hills, Rego Park, Kew Gardens Hills, Kew Gardens, Corona, Fresh Meadows or Flushing and you want fresh baked goods to come to your door, email me with your nearest corner and let me know! Even if you're only in the market for a few items and don't want to pay delivery, I can email you when I have other orders near you and let you know I am available for that area.  Also, if you want free delivery often, you could help both of us by providing word of mouth marketing for me.

Even for someone that doesn't need to eat gluten free, wouldn't it be nice to have fresh-baked goods delivered right to the door?

Finally, I want to state very clearly that I am not certified as kosher or gluten free. I am going to be baking these items out of my home kitchen. I don't really think that you can certify a home kitchen. All of the ingredients are certified kosher. The kitchen has been kashered for personal use a few times (Passover). Any items that have been in my oven since have been certified kosher.  It's the same thing with gluten free, I myself need to eat gluten free and there is no one eating gluten out of my kitchen. Potential customers can make their own decisions, accordingly.